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We are Jack and Marce Schulz, two boomers who are finally achieving escape velocity on our quest to see the world. We saved up, sold our house and now after wandering around Florida and the East Coast as far as Rhode Island, we found our new home, a 1998 Manta 40 catamaran, Escape Velocity.

We’re inspired by Basho:

“The moon and sun are eternal travelers. Even the years wander on. A lifetime adrift in a boat, or in old age leading a tired horse into the years, every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home. From the earliest times there have always been some who perished along the road. Still I have always been drawn by wind-blown clouds into dreams of a lifetime of wandering.” —Narrow Road to the Interior

And by Antoine de St.-Exupery:

“What we feel when we feel we are hungry, when we feel that hunger which … draws a man to a poem, is that the birth of man is not yet accomplished, that we must take stock of ourselves and our universe. We must send forth pontoons into the night. There are men unaware of this, imagining themselves wise and self-regarding because they are indifferent. But every­thing in the world gives the lie to their indifference.” —Wind, Sand and Stars

Life is short. We want to be out there.

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  1. Mere words cannot express my admiration for your determination and my joy that your plans are coming to fruition. Keep our berth warm; we’ll follow you anywhere. XO

  2. carole

    This is soul stuff you two dear people are doing. My heart say YES, life is short and clouds do pull. There is so much to see and to know beyond the horizon. The perfect boat awaits ~ she knows you are coming and adjusts herself as she awaits you. Soon, when you pull anchor and begin this new, more tangible phase of your dream the sun will be there for you by day as will the moon and stars by night. The distant horizon and the wind will be your constant companions. Water will cradle you from beneath and wash over you from above. Birds will amuse and delight you. Snug harbors will welcome you. Beaches will offer best sand and stones.

    As I enthuse over your being “out there” so many images come to mind. Those who, for as far back as we can know have hiked over mountains, trudged over sand dunes, paddled rivers, crossed seas to “be out there” with a similar desire to see and know. My father comes readily to mind. He left home in Germany aboard a nitrate clipper bound for San Francisco pulled by much the same inquisitiveness and longing.

    Two writers come to mind ~ John O’Donohue, the Irish theologian and Celtic scholar. His description of the human need for the security of home and the need for the adventure of reaching out and exploring challenges us to find balance and thus equanimity.

    The 2nd is Cavafy and his “Ithaca”. What a journey he describes, What a challenge he offers us. I smile as I remember a few lines:

    “…. Hope your road is a long one.
    May there be many summer mornings when,
    with what pleasure, what joy,
    you enter harbors you’re seeing for the first time…. ”

    I look forward to the possibility of a Maine summer morning filled with the joy of her Lobsta’ and all the other pleasures she has to offer.

    Cheers, Laughter and Love to you both

    Oh, BTW when Nancy isn’t in that berth, keep it warm for me ……… or even better, when she is in it, find a place to tuck me in.

  3. louise morel

    hello you two,my english is not perfect,i followed danielle and roger because i know them dan is my girlfriend’s dauther and i took great pleasure in following them i hope to do the same with you i am sure that you will see places they dint see and it will be fun to see bye and good luck on your adventure,god willtake care of you.

  4. Rob Canale

    Good luck & calm seas to you and Jack. Looking forward to following along on your adventure. Rob

  5. Jack & Marce, Just a short comment to let you know how much I enjoy reading about all your travels and the great pictures you include! I would have never came in contact with you folks had I not spoken with your son (a Ham operator). He gave me the info & again I’ve really enjoyed keeping up and reading about all of your activities. All the best! Larry Kellough WB9AZQ (Crossville, TN)

  6. Gertraude Heineken

    Hello, Marce and Jack,
    It’s time for me to fess up and tell you that I have enjoyed a huge amount of vicarious pleasure from reading your blogs these past three weeks or so.

    My daughter, Barbara Briggs, is a neighbor and friend of Judy and David Maxwell in Pittsburgh, and she sent me a link to one of your notes. Both my husband and I come from seafaring families and we live on the Weweantic River, just as it enters Buzzards Bay in Marion, MA.

    I expect that you have heard of the Mary Celeste that was found in 1872 off the Azores, completely intact, but without a person onboard. The Captain, Benjamin Spooner Briggs, was my husband’s great uncle. Despite a boatload of theories, a solution to this mystery has not yet been found.

    I wish you a wonderful respite and a great deal of pleasure, exploring meals that were not part of your provisions.

    Best wishes,
    Gertraude Heineken

  7. Liz Morant

    Jack and March
    I have followed your journey for the great information I can glean as a fellow part time cruiser on a 45′ cat which hasn’t left the Med as yet however we will soon and I have a question regarding your experience anchoring in Carribean and Pacific. What length of chain do you have and what is your main anchor?
    Regards Liz

  8. Carole Ford

    We’d love to hear from you. We haven’t since the first of the year 2020. We are concerned.

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