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When we made the decision to sail down the leeward side of Grenada we also decided to anchor just outside the capital, St. George’s, instead of sailing around to the one of the bays along the southern coast where most of the cruisers go. Even though there’s easy transportation into town from Prickly Bay we thought it would be fun to spend a few days in the quieter, calmer and decidedly cleaner Martins Bay. As soon as we got the anchor down we did a quick reconnaissance lap around the town, returned to Escape Velocity to tidy up and do some chores.







About a week ago we learned of the Naniki Caribbean Jazz Safari and bought tickets for Saturday night. With our unerring luck, it started to rain just when we planned to start our trek to the venue but we are sailors and undaunted. We pumped up the leaking dinghy, drove down the beach and tied up at the dock, then walked about a mile along the beach to the Mount Cinnamon Resort.



We found the resort and walked right off the beach and up to the stage, no security, no ticket required. But we are Americans and rule-followers so we trekked up the hill to the main entrance to present our e-tickets. I’m glad we did. Look at that view!


In true Caribbean style the show was late starting but when it did the bands were good and it was a pleasure to hear live music. Between acts the MC hosted a presentation of an award to a local music hero and when that was over he said, “…and without further ado, if music be the food of love…” and he pointed to the audience who sang out in unison, “play on!”


Afterward we walked back down the beach as the sky cleared enough to see some stars overhead, dinghied back to EV and collapsed into bed. We have another long trek in a few hours for our F1 fix. Then we’re going to need a vacation.

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