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I feel the earth. move.

We spent a comfy evening aboard Macushla and returned to Escape Velocity about 8:30. We tidied up and read for a while and just as we were both dozing off a deep rumbling sound traveled through the anchorage and our boat quivered and vibrated for about twenty or thirty seconds.

“What was that?!” Jack rolled over, unconcerned. “It’s the wind.”

I wasn’t convinced but by that time it had stopped and I went to sleep. In the morning as I was reading the news and checking email I saw a post on the Grenada Cruisers facebook page: Did anybody feel the Venezuelan earthquake?

Aha! That’s what it was. An earthquake! So that’s what it feels like on a boat. We were less than 100 miles from the epicenter; our friends in Trinidad are much closer. I fired off an email asking if they felt it. Nope, they said. Then a little later: well, maybe. They thought it was a powerboat leaving the marina.

So without feet on the ground it’s very hard to know that the earth is moving. This was a 6.0 quake but for us, it was nothing but vibrations.

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