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In which I beg for mercy

Raymarine received our autopilot on Monday and we waited anxiously for news from the technician. Finally on Tuesday we got an email with three photos of a multimeter, and a message from the tech that he powered it up, put a meter on it and it works fine. No it doesn’t, I fired back. He said the problem must be with the motor, which is still installed on EV. I told him that Ben Brown of Shafer and Brown, their own certified Raymarine technician, had thoroughly checked the motor and the rest of the system and declared the brain not working. The tech said he couldn’t find anything wrong with it. We have just entered my worst nightmare.

I admit I lost it. I broke down and sobbed and sobbed with the frustration of knowing our equipment was completely ferkochte with confirmation from a company man, yet the company shrugs and says the problem is elsewhere and not with the equipment. I calmed myself down a little and called my contact in the warranty office who had been very helpful at the beginning of the process but who was getting less and less responsive as the solution got more and more remote. I got voicemail but it didn’t matter. I whined our whole story again, barely able to contain my tears, and reiterated that their own trained technician couldn’t get the pilot to perform properly and now their in house technician tells me there’s nothing wrong with it. What am I to do? Can we have our money back? How can they treat us this way? I hung up, feeling that familiar surge through my body of blood pressure rising. This can’t be happening.

About a half hour later we got an email from the technician. He would replace both units with new product, but he made it clear that he found nothing wrong with the equipment. I wrote back and begged him to make sure the shipment went out that day and by nightfall we had a tracking number.

And now we wait. Again.

I was Skyping our son Drew and told him Raymarine was replacing the pilot.

“How did you manage that?” He texted.

“I cried.”

“Doesn’t work so well for men.”

Well, I didn’t do it on purpose, that’s for sure.


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