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The view from the breakwater



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Electric Avenue

We were so bummed about not being able to have air conditioning while we’re at the dock that Scott, the yard manager, sent a hand over to pick up our cord with the bad plugs (which appeared to be saltwater damaged and not burned) and returned it a few hours later with a new plug on each end.


We plugged it into the air/con side and flipped the switch, and ….. Woo-hoo! I let out a yell. In minutes the temperature inside EV went from 100 (I’m not exaggerating) to 80.


After a few days of air everything is finally drying out and we’re no longer fighting mold and having to shower every couple of hours. And here’s what we love about our boat. We have two electrical systems, AC and DC, as most boats do. Our AC side has two circuits. The central air conditioners (two units) are on one breaker and everything else is on the other. We just fired up the air conditioner side and left the other side off, which means the rest of the boat is still operating on DC power charged by our abundant solar panels. No need to run a battery charger or use any more shore power than what’s needed for the air conditioning. Cool.



We still have a new shore power cable coming from the states and when it arrives we’ll swap this one out for the new one just to be on the safe side, although we think this one’s just fine now.

On the repair front, Mack Sails is busy packing up all our stuff and as soon as the mast shows up it’ll head for the shipper. We’re not sure how long the shipping, customs clearance and transport to Quepos will take but we’re pretty excited that finally things are happening.


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