No easy fix

Our very overpriced replacement pump for the watermaker arrived but what we hoped would be a quick fix was not. We’re still making water that isn’t potable. With no watermaker repairman anywhere near here we picked the brains of anyone who professes knowledge of such systems and we have some things to check, none of which are easy and all of which Jack is grumbling about. We wouldn’t worry except there is no easily accessible potable water available on this island. We’re collecting rainwater in the meantime, thanks to our friend Ron DiCola in St. Thomas who encouraged us two years ago to devise a raincatcher system. It sure is good to have it in times like this. 


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  1. Bob

    Try contacting JT Halden he is Tilly on cruiser forum. He should be able to help you is is always available. If you can text him he will respond his cell is 954 515 7077. He is an amazing resource. Email is

    • Yes, we’ve been in touch with him many times. There’s no substitute for hands on, sadly. We’re trying to uncover the membrane housing to check the end seals. Slow going. It’s buried under tons of boat parts.

  2. Jim K

    I always heard bourbon was an acceptable substitute…..or was that bourbon AND water?

  3. Bob

    I had a tiny tiny crack in the endcap and it made the difference of 2.5 gallons an hour and 16.

  4. Doug

    You might try Jason Fish at SV TwoFish blog. His recent blog is on watermakers and he seems to have in depth knowledge of the mechanics- whether or not that translates to helping diagnosis your problem?- he does answer his email often. Has an Antares catamaran.

  5. Doug from VT

    Another contact would be Jon Hacking on website Engineer ,sailing around world for 5+ yrs with family on 48′ cat Ocelot. Seems to know Spectra RO systems very well and has done repairs/diagnosis on them. Website section on RO indicates PPM went up when membrane was failing, but pump heads seem to fail every few years on their cat. Has some ideas/procedures for cleaning the membrane on website. He also answers emails and is Indonesia area.

  6. George

    I’ts grumble work but a logical place to look for the problem.

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