Just an ordinary Sunday

Sunday morning is the “big” market in Papeete and Jack, Diana and I roused ourselves for a 6:30am visit to see what made Sundays special. Oh my. In addition to the regulars in the market building, local farmers lined the surrounding streets with their produce, some all the way from the Marquesas. The variety on offer was suddenly punched up to eleven and we three were soon feeling like pack mules and had to talk each other down from the market overload brink. No one can eat this much produce before it goes bad. Diana at least has an excuse because Enki II has guests on board this week.    

 Back at the marina there were small gatherings all along the dock as we watched a Chinese research ship arrive. It’s the Yuan Wang 3, and get a load of those antennas. There’s never a dull moment in a big city port. We’d forgotten how much fun it can be.  

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