Check that windspeed

As promised, a blow passed over us on Friday afternoon and everyone hunkered down on their own boats to keep watch. Even Greg from Oceanna took a day off from fishing. The reports varied as to what we could expect but the wind only went briefly into the 30s and we felt snug and secure on our well-buried anchor. While the wind was building Jack could still do little projects on the boat and I made passage food and baked bread but as the wind grew stronger it got a little bumpy onboard so we settled in and watched Part I of No Direction Home, the Bob Dylan documentary. By 7 o’clock the worst of it had passed and we got the boat ready for sea and made an early night of it.

Saturday still held residual big and lumpy seas and winds a little higher than we like to start out in, but all the skippers agreed with the weather experts that despite an uncomfortable first day, we might be looking at the best opportunity this season to make an unscathed voyage to the Land of the Long White Cloud. We sure hope so. This is our last passage on this leg of our Pacific journey and we’re looking forward to a relaxing six months in New Zealand.  

Jack just made a sandwich, an activity that I think resulted in some bruising and much cursing in the rowdy conditions. I’m wisely staying put for as long as I can. The wind and seas will eventually moderate but not for hours yet. I’m going to put the headphones on and listen to music. Wake me when it’s over.

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  1. You have probably mentioned this previously, but what do you make for passage food? I also want to wish jack a happy birthday–lucky dog, eating fresh lobster tail delivered by friends! And to you both, from a landlubber to two sea dogs, have a very happy Thanksgiving day on the other side of the planet!

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