In the mood, a little

It’s been hard getting into the holiday spirit, what with most of our cruising friends either back home or scattered all over the many anchorages in a sudden and unexpected diaspora, and with our land-based friends and family so far away. Add to that a snow-free environment and it just doesn’t feel like Christmas. Last year we were back in Pittsburgh eating traditional Irish curry with our loved ones. Two years ago we were in Martinique eating curry with our friends from Flying Cloud. See a pattern? This year it’ll be curry onboard, but for just the two of us. The samosa filling is ready to go, the curry is made and we even strung solar lights in the cockpit. All we need is a parade. Luckily Russell had one planned and we met soon-to-be-ex-cruisers Pim and Hanneke for a couple of days of slow-poke wandering punctuated by beer and pizza, and capped off by the 8-1/2 minute parade. Thanks, Russell! And a sad goodbye to Pim and Hanneke.  




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