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She swims again

Our relaunch day finally arrived and we quickly got things stowed and tidied before David the Slipway Man lifted EV onto the trailer and drove us out of the yard. We were a week longer than we expected but that was more a function of the tidal restrictions of the slipway than us. The yard can only do one or two boats a day because it has to be done at high tide and during the busy season they get very backed up. 


Bruce and Di came to celebrate the relaunch with us. We were eager to learn if our waterline striping is straight, especially after our massive weight reduction and redistribution work. It wouldn’t do to have a bold new waterline stripe if we didn’t lie even in the water. 

Once EV was nearly floating David ferried us back on board and we waited for the tide to lift us off the trailer. Jack tested the engines and we checked to make sure we weren’t leaking anywhere. Thumbs up on everything and we’re looking fine to boot. 


We spent one night at anchor just outside the boatyard to get organized then moved upriver back to our old pile mooring in Whangarei to wait for the new upholstery and do some grocery shopping. A few days later we were celebrating a successful haulout with eggs Benedict for breakfast. Life is good. 


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