Deco in the sun

On 3 February 1931 the area of Hawke’s Bay was struck by a magnitude 7.9 earthquake that leveled the city of Napier and killed 236 people. It remains New Zealand’s worst natural disaster. The city was rebuilt using new building codes and since most of the structures were designed and built during the 1930s Napier is considered to be one of the finest collections of Art Deco architecture in the world. 

We started at the museum for an overview of the disaster including some harrowing videos of first-person accounts of the earthquake and the horror of the immediate aftermath and the long-term emotional effects. Then we took off on a self-guided tour of some of the notable buildings. It was a clear and sunny day, perfect for exploring a quiet, charming town and in true Schulz style we made frequent cafe stops along the way. 


Like many cities, Napier has installed pianos here and there with the invitation to “play me.” This young man was quite good and provided an appropriate soundtrack to our tour of downtown. 

Hawke’s Bay is a big wide open body of water compared to the protected, island-studded Hauraki Gulf and we were glad we visited on land instead of by boat. Still, you can’t deny the beauty of that endless beach. 


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  1. What an immersion in art deco! Thanks!

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