Legs? We have legs?

Sometimes we spend days on the boat without touching land. Di from Toucan and I felt the need to stretch our legs while the menfolk sorted out some boat chores. Our path lead us past the local school where everyone was more than happy to pose for photos. 

These young men pointed us toward the path up the hill where we were reminded of unused muscles that definitely needed a workout. 

Once over the ridge we followed the trail through beautiful forest land, but I’m struck once again by the lack of little forest creatures that populate our native land, Pennsylvania. In these woods there’s no rustling in the undergrowth signaling squirrels or chipmunks, no startled deer suddenly bolting up a hillside, no red fox crossing the path. No raccoons, no bears, no opossums. I do miss that, but there are birds at least, and the ever-present breeze and the sound of the sea beyond.  

Once back down from the ridge we walked along the beach and admired the paint job this sturdy local boat was getting.

At the end of the beach is a beautiful compound built by an American man and his Singaporean wife. The husband died not long ago, and the property is now up for sale. The owner, Jemina, graciously showed us around the completely self contained operation, run on solar with a bit of a generator boost every few weeks. There’s a big workshop full of tools and materials and still some work going on, getting the buildings ready for sale. It can all be yours for $1.6 million Fijian. 

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