Magic sometimes

Towards the end of our morning paddle the breeze built up making the upwind return to Escape Velocity a little more effort than I generally like. I retreated to the boat while Jack poked his nose up the other arm of the bay and with the strengthening breeze he had a very wet paddle back home. We spent the afternoon reading and anticipating a coming thunderstorm that hit right on time about 3:30. Lightning is never fun on a sailboat with that big metal pole sticking up in the air but luckily the strikes didn’t come too close and by 6:30, just as I was baking the last of a big batch of English muffins, the rain moved on and we were treated to a brilliant double rainbow. 

And later, as the sun dipped behind the hills and the sky turned to gold, the lovely sound of bagpipes floated across the water. We stood on deck in the fading light trying to determine where it was coming from but sound does funny things on the water and besides, it’s nearly dark. Lights are coming on in the houses up on the cliffs. A cabin cruiser just made a beeline for the last public mooring in the bay. Escape Velocity is swinging slowly in the gentle current. The day is done. 

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