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Trains and boats and planes

Vacation day finally arrived. Our mooring owner picked us up on EV and took us a couple hundred meters to the ferry dock where we joined the morning commuters, all dressed in black and busy with their mobiles. From the ferry to the train to the airport and before we knew it we were in a hire car on the road to Geelong for lunch with Elizabeth, one of the three sisters from Christmas Day, and her husband John.

We checked into our first lodging with plenty of time for a preview run at the Great Ocean Road before day’s end, the stunning Point Addis and famous surf spot Bell’s Beach. Surf conditions weren’t great but there were still a few hopeful souls waiting for break that never came, at least while we were watching, sheltered from the sharp wind behind dense beach shrubbery.

Torquay is all about surfing and many clothing and equipment manufacturers have outlet stores here. We thought after nearly six years traveling the ocean it was high time we got wetsuits. A young dude at the Ripcurl Outlet patiently helped size us correctly and ignored the uncontrolled giggling coming from the dressing rooms as we both struggled to don and then doff a full suit. Ripcurl, even at outlet prices, was over our budget but we both got suits at other shops and now we can snorkel a little longer before getting chilled and Jack can clean EV’s bottom without getting covered in sealice and other itchy underwater things. I’m not sure having a wetsuit is going to make Jack willingly volunteer for bottom cleaning duty, but at least it removes one barrier.

Tomorrow is the true beginning of our Great Ocean Roadtrip.

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