Back to the medicos

We weren’t exactly confident, as Jack neared the end of his course of antibiotics, that the infection would be completely gone in the next 24 hours. His knee is still warm and inflamed and his whole leg looks as swollen as before. So back to the hospital we went and we’re very glad we did.

Dr. #2 was much more engaged and (we think) knowledgeable. He agreed that even though Jack is improving the antibiotics he’s taking aren’t quite up to the task. We were resupplied with more powerful bug-killers and another round of pain meds, along with packets of electrolytes to get Jack’s system back on track. The doctor also looked at the X-ray and assured us that the infection isn’t in the bones so that worry is gone.

As the doctor was describing the meds he ordered and what they are for, one was designated “for hair balls.” Now this doctor has pretty good English and we both understood 95% of what he said, but this didn’t sound right.

“For hair balls?” I asked, hoping he’d correct me and we’d understand the purpose of the drug. I glanced at Jack, who was suppressing a laugh.

“Yes, hair balls,” he repeated, as clear as a bell.

I nodded. Jack shrugged.

“Ok.” Good to know.

Reminds me of this scene from the movie “Best Friends.”ł

Today was a long day for Jack, even with a car and driver to run us to the hospital, the immigration office, the supermarket and traditional market. We’ll take tomorrow off and I’ll park Jack in the cockpit again with a soft cushion under his leg and a good book. We hope to be able to move on by the end of the week, but only if we’re sure there’s no danger of a relapse.

Dragons await.


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4 Responses to Back to the medicos

  1. chelle robinson

    Marce and Jack – So happy to hear that Jack is feeling better and especially that the infection isn’t in the bone. Woohooo! Sending good karma your way. Perhaps its time to build a vortex of protection around the boat. Here’s to smooth sailing and good health. Looking forward to the next chapter of your incredible adventure. Miss you.

  2. Deb McDonald

    Marce, Did they give you any probiotics for Jack to take along with the antibotics? Deb

  3. Diana and Alex

    Hello you two, This is when I’m truly sorry not to have read your blog for a couple of weeks. So, Jack, that bloody knee. Of all the rotten luck. But then again, what amazing good fortune to have been in THAT anchorage, and of course, to have married the woman you did. Hope your hearts are beating more quietly now, both of you, and that you’re taking the long view on dragons and all the rest. Keep it comfy.
    FYI, Alex and I are flying to FP in 10 days, and crewing down to NZ, ETA Nov 1. More by email.
    Beautifully told stories…just a pity it’s happening to such lovely people!

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