Now what?

The offer on Escape Velocity came as a surprise since Malaysia’s international border is still closed and even interstate travel was restricted at the time. The buyer was eager to take possession and asked how soon we could vacate the premises, throwing us into a whirlwind of sorting, packing, selling and giving away all of our worldly goods. This is completely different from moving house, where you can toss it all in boxes, load up a truck and sort it out later. We chose the keepsakes we want to hang on to and arranged a shipment, but most of the contents of the boat can easily be replaced and will be cheaper to buy new than to ship.

Our friends and dock mates benefitted from the giveaway frenzy, just as we’ve benefitted when others near us sold their boats. The liveaboard community are masters of sharing and it makes me happy knowing that my beloved Cuisinart pots, the knives I bought in Berlin in the 80s, my well-used pressure cooker, and all the rest of our life’s accumulations will continue to be useful on other boats at Rebak Island Marina and beyond. I even gave my Atlas pasta machine and a kilo of semolina to the owner-chef of our favorite Italian restaurant. Thirty years of ravioli, tortellini, agnolotti, and caramella came out of that machine. I know Lorenzo will keep it busy.

A boat is not the best place to pack up a life, so we asked the resort, which is temporarily closed to guests while they repair the fresh water system, if we could possibly have a room where we can spread out and organize. Not only did they give us a room, but they put us beachfront, with the sunrise view I’ve been walking to most mornings.

The view from our room at the resort.
Haulout for survey.

In the midst of the packing, we had the marine survey and sea trial, all the various complications of selling a boat from one country to an owner from another for registration in a third. I admit to mostly being in a daze and just followed the expert guidance of our broker until it all got done.

Then we handed over the keys to the new owner, said our goodbyes, gathered up the rest of our belongings, and boarded a plane for Penang where we’re eating bagels and ice cream to our hearts’ content while we plan our next move.


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7 Responses to Now what?

  1. I have enjoyed following you during your travels. We are us just starting out. Wish you nothing but the best. Drop everyone a note once in a while.

    Greg Gegner
    FB Page S.V. Sweet Dreams

  2. Wow – it’s been so amazing to watch your travels. We’ll miss your Manta posts, but look forward to your continued adventures as we finally head “far away” to the Bahamas this season! All our best to you.

  3. Joey Riday

    Hi Marce…wishing you and Jack all the very best on your upcoming adventures in this new chapter in your lives.

  4. Leah

    Looking forward to reading about your new endeavours!

  5. Peter Fynn

    Sorry to read that you are leaving Escape Velocity, but one has to move on. Believe it or not I am still trying to find someone to play the music that you put online those years ago. One day I’ll get it played and then I can send it to you if I know where you are. Take care both of you – been great following your travels.

  6. Jane

    It’s been great following your adventures. Wishing you fair winds wherever you are. Let us know how you’re doing. It’s a beeeeg (as we say in SA) transition. BE well, safe, happy and at ease.

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