Squeezing out sparks

It all went so quickly and before we knew it we were on our last safari day. I remembered to take a few more photos of our tent and the general camp layout. All the Tortilis camps are the same layout so that after your first stay in one, all subsequent stays feel like home.

We had no particular plans for our last game drive.

We’ve seen a lot of monkeys in our travels but check out the wedding tackle on these vervets.

I’m still gaga over secretary birds and by this time Emanuel stopped the Landcruiser any time he spotted one and let me watch them to my heart’s content. I’m sorry I didn’t shoot video because they have a gait that amused me no end.

It was another perfect day with chromakey blue skies and billowy clouds. Everywhere we pointed the camera was a calendar shot.

We disturbed these elephants as they were chewing on the bark of a fallen baobab tree and the big guy looked momentarily like he was contemplating making us pay, then thought better of it. Emanuel never turned off the Landcruiser just in case.

This is the Tarangire River, dry season.

And then it was time to secure the top of the Landcruiser and make tracks back to our lodge in Arusha for a couple of days of much need rest before moving on to our next destination.

It was tough to say goodbye to Emanuel. He’s the best guide, smart, kind, funny, flexible, and a damn fine driver, all the qualities you want in a guide. If you’re planning a Tanzania safari, we highly recommend him and will happily share his contact info.


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4 Responses to Squeezing out sparks

  1. danagreyson

    Wow! Great to see your smiles as well as all the terrific photos. Delighted you’re having (or had? not sure on the timing) such an amazing adventure in Africa.

  2. It’s probably already been suggested that you publish these incredible photos in your Escape Velocity Travels with Marce and Jack book.

  3. I’m so glad you’re blogging again. I sure have missed hearing from you for 3 years and was getting worried. This last adventure has been awesome. Thank you for sharing so much with us.

  4. Diane Sanderbeck

    What a trip! Thanks for sharing it with us. I have a big 7-0 birthday coming up and really want to do what y’all just did. I’d appreciate very much if you would share contact details for safari camps and driver. Thanks very much. And please let me know when your book is available!

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