Don’t look back

We had a house un-warming party last night and it was great to have so many of our favorite people in the same room together. Every once in a while we looked around at the various conversation groups and thought how wonderful it is to see the disparate factions of our life all jumbled up and enjoying each other. It warmed our hearts to appreciate for a few moments our own little universe, knowing that we may never again share the same time and space with all of these cherished friends and family.

This morning we waved goodbye to Nancy and Dave as they headed back to New Jersey. I admit I got nostalgic, thinking how many times they’ve visited this house in the last 24 years, in good times and bad. We’ve shared our Pittsburgh life with them, our favorite coffee shops and shopping spots, our walks and scenic drives. We cooked some wonderful meals together, threw a couple of great parties, celebrated our son’s wedding and our daughter-in-law’s graduation, and when our mother died we observed the WASP version of sitting shiva. That evening, nearly three years ago, was the last time all of us in our nuclear family were together. One or another is always missing, but we have high hopes we’ll all manage to be in the same spot sometime later this year.

Meanwhile, the real work begins here in the house. I spent the morning posting things on Craig’s List and packing boxes. I booked a friend with a truck to help us move things across town. I started wading through the pile of paperwork I avoided all week.

Eleven days until closing on the house. Tick tock.

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