The search for Home

We were sent a list of boats for sale to visit when we leave Pittsburgh after the house closing, and so far none of the photos make my heart leap for joy. I hope I’m not asking too much, but I want to find a boat that makes me feel like all the potential home buyers felt when they came to see our house. I know that feeling, and I experienced it once years ago when we toured various boats for sale at a used boat show.

Boats, like houses, are highly customized. Any cruising boat was probably ordered from the factory with custom options, and through the years the various owners add, delete or modify features to suit their needs, taste and cruising grounds. You’d be hard-pressed to find two boats alike.

The details of the boat I remember aren’t important, nor is the make or model. It was just a particular combination of layout, light and color that appealed to me. I positioned myself in the galley, turned to Jack and said, “This feels like home!”

And that’s what I’m looking for now. Is that too much to ask?

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  1. carole

    Finding the perfect “color-layout-light” balance is not too much to ask; all that needed is knowing when to adjust the first two a bit, but never the last.

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