Daily Archives: January 5, 2012

More Worries

While sitting in the Sears Auto Center, trying to tune out The View on the TV, my phone started to vibrate. I immediately was filled with dread. I had already had two “I’m sorry, Mr Schulz, but there has been a complication concerning your car” calls. Yes, the Humble Hyundai had started to make ominous noises from the rear while coming back up north. I tend to ignore this type of thing but wiser heads prevailed and with the long ride to New Orleans planned, I found myself in the Sears waiting room spending a full boat unit (1 BU = $1,000) so the car would stop making that waump-waump noise everywhere we went, with the phone in my pocket vibrating.

Satisfied that it wasn’t restless leg syndrome, I fished the phone out of my pocket and saw that it was an email from the shadow couple informing me that their friend no longer wants to sell his boat.

I know. It’s hard to sell your boat. But really, seriously? I thought the finding a boat part would be the easiest, most enjoyable part of the plan.

I’m not having fun. This is worrisome. I’m not kidding folks, there aren’t anymore boats to look at. So you start to go back over the rejects and I see nothing but projects, workarounds, and just plain bad compromises.

So I guess the plan is to redouble my patience and wait. This is not my strong suit. This escape velocity business is tricker than it looks.


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