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Yes, we still have no boat

You cannot be serious! Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and again. Have you ever seen a tennis player glare at his racket after netting another shot? We’re beginning to glare at our brokers. The tennis player bolts to the nearest emporium for a new racket, and maybe new sneaks just in case. We’re collecting brokers.

I should say, we’re not intentionally adding brokers, we run into them when we’re inquiring about a boat. They say sure but why do you want that tub? I can show you boats! Then he produces a list, most of which we’ve been on already, and the scary thing is that each time the list gets smaller. The new guy is definitely a failed used car salesman who figured it was easier to sell yachts. How hard could it be? You betcha it’s hard!

The pattern is they show great energy and enthusiasm at having motivated buyers, they use the shotgun approach and when they find we won’t buy the usual suspects they realize they’re going to have to dig up something special so they stop returning our calls.

To compound the problem our ace researcher, Marce, hasn’t been able to get on WiFi in our felt-lined cement box, better known as Boca West. Why yes, it’s gated, moated and guarded with armed Gestapo! They even have alligators in the moat. At this point you have to ask yourself the question are they trying to keep undesirables (like us) out or are they trying to keep us from leaving? What a creepy but comfortable place. A felt lined cell.

With Marce unable to connect to the interwebs we’ve had to depend on said brokers. The results have not been stellar. The newbie came up with three boats, two were sold already, and the last smelled like a large well-used cat box.

In the meantime our crack tech team in consultation with Drew, our Guru, came up with a solution to the WiFi problem and Marce is now in communion with the ether. Well, someone’s ether. With our new long distance WiFi antenna suction-cupped to the glass sliding door we are back in business. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Now where are you hiding Escape Velocity?


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The joys of boat shopping


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