No Name

Oh yeah, I can hear The Blind Owl warming up again, turning up the Fuzz-Box to 11. The Humble Hyundai is pumping out that universal boogie beat and along with Yr. Humbl. Svt. and Magnificent Marce we have Izzy “Adventure Kitty” Katzenbaum joining the crew.

This run down south has a different vibe and energy. The urgency is caused by the fact that instead of heading south to try to find our new home, we’re heading south to see our new home. Izzy is beside herself with excitement, but as always she plays it cool, lollygagging about, dozing in her private condo in the back seat.

We had a busy last Reunion Tour back up north, staying with great friends and family while collecting our boat gear. Dingy here, bikes there, a storage unit full of…stuff. It’s been a logistical nightmare but we pulled it off almost like we always go from 4 floors of stuff to a 40’X21′ catamaran. The mover showing up 6 days late and then telling us we have too much stuff in our storage unit, didn’t help. Like we didn’t know we have too much stuff. Everybody has too much stuff. Apparently their fees are based on 90 percent capacity and we’re way over that! I wouldn’t trust anybody that couldn’t stuff a storage unit better than that, like he never moved an 8′ dingy before, I mean really!

Like I said, we had a real sense of urgency this trip because suddenly our boat really started to make progress toward Florida and we were over 1,200 miles away. We had to change all of our carefully planned arrangements for the marina and haul out, survey and the rigging guys, while making sure our stuff was really getting picked up in the Burgh and on the way to Florida, while trying to find pet friendly, cheap motels, (its not very friendly to charge $25 extra a night) while finding a place to mail our roof racks for our 8′ dingy cause we’re going to have to move it once we’re in Florida but we don’t have an address in Florida, but then we really don’t have an address anywhere, all while on the road.

Marce was really busy!

So…no we haven’t named the boat yet.



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5 Responses to No Name

  1. nancy smith

    great photo and always liking what you say. So the time is near and dear and izzy ? is ameniable to traveling in the back seat. you had to wait for the mover and he did it? under duress? Sky is gray and blue peaking out, no rain today so far. Wess is bowling with Duncan 9 and Jack 3.5 and Allegra while waiting for the birthday party (bowling) that ellie 7 is attending the lanes near by.. and i am here getting other stuff done. Cheers!

  2. Heidi

    You can mail anything you want to us in Brandon!

  3. Dan Miller

    YaHooo. Good Luck and a great photo of you two. The posts are wonderful, kinda like being along. Sail safe.
    Love Danny Lee Miller

  4. Carla

    Here’s my name suggestion: Cheap Motel

  5. Hahahahaha. Unfortunately it’s not so cheap!

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