Sunday entertainment

How cool is this? After a couple of hours where Escape Velocity spun around her anchor, the tide turned and synced up with the wind and we finally settled into a peaceful quiet as the sun went down. Then we heard a tell-tale pop pop pop and raced up on deck to see a series of bottle rockets across the river. They barely rose above the treetops but they were bright and colorful and echoed across the water, as did the cheers of the partiers setting them off. A fun end to a lovely day.

Now we just hope the wind stays calm when the tide turns again. The skipper needs his beauty rest.


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2 Responses to Sunday entertainment

  1. Wendy

    Glad you made it safely! We’ll see you soon. It’s lonely over here with just 2 Mantas now!

  2. I thought sailboats liked the wind. When are you guys gonna get out there and host them thar sails?

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