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Dead and risen

As usual, Jack and I are undecided about whether to wait for our ram here in Portsmouth or relocate ourselves to Virginia Beach. While we weigh the options we’re still checking out this lovely town. Yesterday we were riding around when we came across this old churchyard. I’m a sucker for dead people and had to go in and get to know the residents. Jack waited at the gate. 20120720-152917.jpg
When we learned that the movie at the Commodore Theatre would be the first-run opening night The Dark Knight Rises we got ourselves into town early enough to wait in line for table reservations.

After a while they let the head of the line move indoors until the box office opened.

We got to choose our table and selected a deuce right in the middle of the theatre. Show time was 7pm and we were advised to get there by 5:45 so we’d have plenty of time to order and enjoy or dinner. We biked into town and the theatre owners were kind enough to let us bring our bikes inside and we stowed them behind a velvet rope in the lobby.

Each table has a telephone on it. Ours was a black princess phone.


To order I picked up the phone and dialed 0. A voice answered with “Hello table 317. How many in your party?” We ordered our dinner, and we were advised to “put a hold” on dessert so it would come just after the movie started. Turns out we didn’t have to ask. The voice at the other end told us she’d put a 40-minute hold on our Hot Cinnamon Loaf.

Service was incredibly efficient, even if the food was mostly generic bar food. Still, sitting in a theatre eating dinner surrounded by the buzz of an opening night crowd was fun. And when the movie started we remembered that it was largely shot in Pittsburgh, so we have a good time identifying the locations.

Our warm cinnamony dessert came early in the movie as promised, as did the check, and we also called for refills on our drinks. When the movie was over we watched the entire credit roll looking for any Pittsburgh locals on the crew. We shouldn’t have. As we wheeled our bikes out of the theatre there was a light rain falling and by the time we got back to the dinghy it was downright pouring.

We waited a little while hoping it would stop, but in the end we figured we were already wet so we went for it. We had filled our water jugs before the movie so we had to lift them out of the dinghy before we could lift the dinghy. We took our wet clothes off in the cockpit and hung them on our permanent clothesline (thanks Danielle and Roger.) Thanks also to Ed and Sue on Angel Louise for recommending the Commodore Theatre experience. What fun!



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