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Lions, Tigers, and Pirates?

Do you think these idiots are following us? This one is so stupid they spell it with two o’s and a t.

Marce was busy giving me my daily orders when I realized that the Punch & Judy Show I was hearing was very close to our very quiet and peaceful anchorage. Stranger still were the attempts at Aussie accents and over the top emoting. I excused myself and went out on the side decks to witness this.
It’s been a strange day, you know the kind of day where you come face to face with your inadequacies. I found mine as I was draped over the generator looking at our recalcitrant starter motor, all 6’1″ of me upside down In a space designed for Nadia Comenici.

The first hour was spent getting the first bolt off, along with a little sparks and DC welding. Two hours later I had that little bastard on the table. Have you ever tried to disassemble something with springs in it? Don’t.

I remember our good friend Stan while on a passage to Martha’s Vineyard, working on a DC plug which has springs, losing one part after another until, boing, the last indispensable part and spring described a perfect arc into the Atlantic. The entire plug followed a second later. Wise man.

I called a starter professional. He’s picking it up tomorrow.

In the meantime it was like the Duke decreeing that ,” he truly was the son of GOD.” From on high our Ram Guru has surfaced with a maybe I’ll get to it tomorrow, I’ll call. Yeah!

Water worries again. I think I’ve schmoozed the local marina into letting us have some of that fine Virginia Beach City Water instead of crappy well water, and letting us tie up our dinghy to their fuel dock. These are things that in Portsmouth we didn’t even think about, not that it was easy, but when you’re a stranger, nobody knows you and they don’t get a lot of transients so props to the fish center.
More irony in that the starter guy is located in Norfolk where we just left, but after all the brouhaha I’m enjoying the serenity of lake Wesley.

Its Bean Night on Escape Velocity and Marce is lit appropriately. All’s well that ends well.


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