To market, to market

We picked up Alan Saturday morning and walked to Marion Square for the weekly farmers market. And what a nice market it is! Lots of produce, locally made cheeses, spices, plenty of craftspeople, coffee and pastry vendors and tables everywhere to sit down and eat or just appreciate the scene. There was also live music and a couple of street performers on the fringe. There was a Reindeer Run that ended just before we got there so we saw lots of runners in shorts and t-shirts but it was still a a little chilly for the rest of us. Jack and I checked out every produce vendor, then went back and bought two big bags of fresh vegetables. When we got home I washed, cooked and froze some of them because we have limited fridge space, and cooked up a dinner that featured fresh collards and tomatoes. It felt like a splurge because we have a hard time finding good produce in many of the places we’ve been lately. That situation should improve as we get further south.





We learned there was a lighted boat parade Saturday evening but it started on the other side of Charleston and we weren’t sure the boats would come all the way around to the Ashley River where we’re anchored. Jack parked himself in the cockpit to keep watch while I made dinner. This was the first night in months that we could be outside for a sundowner. We turned on the VHF radio and listened to “Parade Control” trying to get the boats lined up in the right order. It was chaos. Imagine all different kinds of boats trying to stay in line, moving very slowly and flighting a breeze, current and wayward crab pots. Periodically the Judges’ Stand would get on the radio and request that the boats run closer to shore so they could see them, and the boats would complain that it was out of the channel, or there were crab pots, or they were just following the guy in front. During all of this we couldn’t see a thing because they were on the other side of the peninsula. Finally we heard Parade Control tell the boats that the parade was officially over but that the people in the Ashley River would love to see them if they wanted to continue around. Eventually we saw some of the entries, and by this time they were no longer in a line but rather meandered upriver, many through the anchorage, causing all of us to bounce a bit and making photography next to impossible. Still, it was fun. We cracked up to hear the holiday playlist one boat was blasting, including “Superfreak” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.”






Oh, and we also hung a few Christmas lights on EV.



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4 Responses to To market, to market

  1. Martin

    More great local color. Love the shot of Jack on deck at sunset.

  2. Anita

    Very festive.. Will the stockings be hung by the ??? with care?

  3. Karen sherer

    I hope you r receiving all my “comments” I’m so enjoying your photos and explanation

    • Yes, Karen, and thanks. It’s so good to know you’e reading and that you’re enjoying our journey. We can’t believe it’s been a year since we signed the papers and you sent us off with hugs and a bag of snacks! We’ve come a long way!

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