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Road trip

It had to happen, sooner or later, sooner rather than later. We had to either pull the trigger on new cockpit cushions or forget about the whole thing. That meant renting a car and driving to St. Augustine Marine and finalizing all the details in a project this size.

That’s Alan our friend from Snow White folded into the back seat of the 2-door Speck rental. St. Marys to St. Augustine takes about one and a half hours and we couldn’t wait to be back in one of our favorite towns again. St. Augustine Marine was bustling and we left with more sample books to further confuse the situation. Alan had checked out the new anchoring rules in St. Augustine’s harbor and we toured the town.




Strange local native customs

It’s always a shock when we see holiday lights like St. Augustine’s light up night display. We invariably look at each other and say,” oh yeah, it’s Christmas!”


This beautiful town square is the old slave market. Of course they don’t emphasize that but it’s a nice place.
We drove home in the rain and by the time we got to St. Marys we decided that we needed a snack and a drink and there’s only one place to go and that’s Seagles. It’s a funky hotel bar and we walked into a birthday celebration for the owner, a loud bawdy woman of a certain age.


We had a great time and to top it off, we think we have a winner fabric for the cockpit cushions.


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