Izzy enjoys the view from the back porch




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4 Responses to Izzy enjoys the view from the back porch

  1. Anita

    Looks like she was hunting for dinner.

  2. Martin

    The second photo is lovely, a great view. That isn’t to say Izzy isn’t lovely in her own right.

  3. Love the photos today. See you are on the inside. It takes much more vigilance but is rewarded in its own views… Amazing such a journey is possible, as no other country has a counterpart to the ICW and its rivers and sounds that interconnect. Thanks for the great photos! Wish we could get some more clear dry weather here where the Aegean kisses the MED.
    Its been a wet kiss of late!

  4. Karen sherer

    Gorgeous photos & Izzy is a true sailor…yes??

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