Bay of wind and rainbows

We had to find the Pelican Cafe to clear in, take down our yellow Q-flag and run up our French Flag. it’s supposed to be up a canal which is inside an inner harbor under a foot bridge.20130611-110439.jpg
We’ve gotten pretty good at sniffing out official clearing-in buildings. They like lots of flags, formal architecture, and take themselves way to seriously.20130611-111621.jpg20130611-112111.jpg
The two guys in front of us took forever at the check in computer and got the pouty no no no. Marce must have gotten an A because after the official cash register woman checked out the screen she said,”voila.”20130611-112752.jpg20130611-121637.jpg
It didn’t take long for us to sniff-out a boulangerie.20130611-122927.jpg
We’ll save this for later!




There is incredible beauty here in Deshaies Bay. To see several rainbows every day it’s got to rain every day, and to watch 40knt wind fan the rain into a veil of rainbow perfect tiny drops its got to blow forty knots. Between the wind and the shredded rain I think I’m beginning to see a dead pig floating our way.

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