The view from the top

Our friend Kris from What if went up the mast to check out all the fittings up there. Good thing she did, too, because there are a few very important things that need to be replaced. Dean and Derek completed the mast climbing crew from deck level and it was great to see how well they all work together and how routine they make it seem. Me, I have a height thing and there’s no way I’d ever go up there, and I’d be just as terrified to haul Jack up. My palms sweat just thinking about it, which, as I explained to Dean, is a family trait. But yay and a big thank you to What If!



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2 Responses to The view from the top

  1. Paul Moore

    What a beautiful view of your beautiful boat!

  2. I agree with Paul, a beautiful view of EV. But alas, one that I will never see…I have sweaty palms just looking at the picture!

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