Slow dancing


Escape Velocity is gently slow dancing to the rhythm of the Caribbean just off Vieques; yes it’s another plan B pit-stop. We have seventy feet of Italy’s finest galvanized down in twelve feet of clear water and sitting here in EV’s cockpit bathed in warm lazy sunshine it’s hard to believe that we just had to beat a hasty retreat off that beautiful but flea-bitten seemingly deserted beach. Maybe that’s why it’s deserted.


It’s remarkable how restorative something less than twenty-four hours could be. First it was the kindness and consideration shown us by Andres the dockmaster who found room for us at the tiny marina in the shadow of the huge Waldorf-Astoria El Conquistador resort hotel at Fajardo, Puerto Rico which takes the prize for the narrowest marina entrance with an immediate ninety degree turn into our temporary slip, which we handled with great alacrity even though we hadn’t tied up to a dock in over a year.




Next it was Debbie, my sister, who was attending a business conference there just as we were passing through. Many of her coworkers wanted to hear our story and visit EV. We always try to accommodate anyone who shows an interest in cruising because we once were one if them…probably worse. By the time the last of the visitors left we were pretty sure we weren’t going to make it to Salinas, so eagle-eye Marce found us this beautiful stopover on the way.

Once again the sad business of cruising life is saying so many goodbyes and it’s even worse when it’s family but it was great to see my sister after more than a year. I didn’t have a sister until I was in my twenties so every visit is special.


Early tomorrow it’ll be anchor up and on to Salinas. Honest.


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