Feeding time

I was sitting on deck putting my shoes on and minding my own business when something big and heavy dropped into the water right beside me with a loud kerPLONK!

What on earth was that?! I thought, and wondered if something fell off the boat. I leaned over the lifelines just in time to see a blue-footed booby pop up as if spring loaded, swallowing a fish. He flew off, flapping his wings in an even cadence as he circled the area until suddenly with a maneuver Jack tells me is a wingover, he plummeted like a missile straight down with the same kerPLONK! that I heard beside the boat.

Now that we know what we’re looking at we’ve spent a good deal of time watching the boobies fish, mostly in pairs, making their way through the anchorage. They’re not the best flyers, but that dive and pop-up are incredible. It never gets old.

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  1. Anita

    So, do you have pictures in action? That is so cool.

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