Thanks everyone for the siphoning tips. Just to clarify, we have an easy peazy siphon pump and have no trouble doing it. Our challenge right now is that the auxiliary tanks are too big and heavy to lift up out of the cockpit well to an adequate height. That means we have to first siphon to a smaller can, then lift that to the usual place. This sounds like a pain to us, so we’re trying to figure how we can get the big cans to a better height without injuring ourselves. We’ll probably just end up taking some prophylactic Advil and heaving away.


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3 Responses to Siphoning

  1. Maybe you could rig a block and tackle to the arch and use to lift by the two tank handles?

  2. Craig and Mary

    Your position was last up linked 3 hours ago. Not sure how heavy your fuel cans are, but you could try block/tackle connected the radar arch to temporary lift during siphoning. Good luck, Craig and Mary.

    • Jesa

      Thinking the same thing. You might be able to hoist from more than just the arch since 17 gallons of diesel should be about 125 lbs so not too heavy assuming the container handles can ‘handle’ that much weight. Looked like one container was missing a handle? Use it last? Definitely a bit of a load to just man handle though so good luck.

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