The view from the back porch



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2 Responses to The view from the back porch

  1. Jackie Oliver

    Hy, cousins Marce and Jack….tell me more, we are all day looking forward to your adventures…..your stories are better than Hollywood movies and TV shows. Did you get your new mast? Where are you now? All our love to both of you…..Jackie

  2. Ed Kelly

    Sue and I Love your photography. It still amazes me that as great as photos are, the view from our own eyeballs catches so much more. But as my late Mom liked to quote, the palest ink is better than the best memory. Thanks for sharing yours. Great photos and writing. We sense we detect isolation of being in a foreign land with a different language and few other cruisers where you are, but do not know if that is accurate. Though we made friends in the Turkish Sea of Marmara port we were holed up in a year and a half ago on Angel Louise, we experienced isolation waiting to replaces an engine, and assume that must be a flavor of your current port. Have a great day and smell the roses while you are stopped in your exotic bay 99.9% of cruisers can only dream of!

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