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Slow learner

I guess my feelings about Soccer or Futbol…well first of all let’s stick to one name and spell it correctly, or have I missed something? As I was saying, let’s just give the teams one point each and have a five minute shoot out and then go home, perfect no? I’ve been trying, really I have, what with all the brouhaha here in Costa Rica. We’re a good 300 feet from shore but every time they think something might happen (not likely) the entire town erupts into screams, car horn honking, and much vuvuzela droning which I have to say were already at a constant feverish pitch. I thought they only did that for cricket but don’t get me started, really, they gotta go.

Please don’t misunderstand, their skills are undeniable but so much of their effort is unrewarded with a scooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrreeeee.

Now… what is it with all the high drama diving? These guys couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag and I don’t even know what that means. I mean it’s unmanly. You simply can’t take a sport seriously when your guys are diving for the grass rolling around in pain seemingly waiting to be strapped into an ambulance just because an opponent got close to him. Seriously?
I’m obviously missing something.

Yesterday I had to go to the gas station for five gallons of dinghy gas but I wasn’t sure which pier to use so I hoofed it. Sleepy Gofito normally looks like this on the “high road.”

Sadly your humble reporter forgot to take his camera but people were gathered around every bar and TV in town spilling out into the streets. It reminded me of the Fourth of July in the states. Come to think of it CR’s flag is red white and blue too, and from the noise I can only surmise that the home team was doing well. Every car, motorcycle, bicycle, and kid had a red white and blue flag. The joy was contagious and when I climbed out of the dink with a smile on my face Marce raised an eyebrow but I couldn’t have gotten near a bar even if I tried…honest.

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