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Cookin’ along

Wednesday was a terrific sailing day. We had 10-12 kts of wind and EV frolicked along at 6.5 to 7.5 kts all day long with gentle seas behind us. These are the days you cherish at sea. The boat was happy and we spent the day reading and napping. By 5:30 the wind started building slightly and boat speed exceeded 8 kts, still comfortable but with night approaching we made the decision to drop the jib and continue overnight under reefed main alone. 

After the jib was secured and we were back on course, we still made 5.5 to 6 kts in 12 kts of wind with following seas and we looked forward to a gentle overnight sail. Jack rustled up dinner, cauliflower and potato curry cooked while we were still at anchor in Bahia del Sol, with rice we cooked yesterday. It was an easy meal prep for the skipper.   

My night watch starts at 7pm, just as the sun sets. We continued to make good time but by about 11pm the wind slowly dropped. By change of watch at 1am the wind was down to 6-7 kts and EV was moving at a strolling pace. We could have used the jib right then but it’s our policy to keep the crew off the foredeck at night unless it’s an emergency so we left it ’til morning and Jack settled in for his quiet 1am to 7am watch. 

This morning we raised the jib and altered course more westward to stay in the 10 kt breeze we have now because it looks like the wind dies further south. We’ve seen no ships since Sunday. We’ve been adopted by several large seabirds we can’t identify and consequently the dinghy is starting to look like a guano island. Can someone check the going rate for nitrates? We might have a goldmine here. We ate a fresh pineapple for breakfast — bought at Super Selectos in San Salvador — along with some zucchini bread baked and frozen in Bahia del Sol a week or so ago. There’s a pot of fresh Guatamalan coffee in the galley to keep us awake during the day. Now it’s back to my book.  


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