Daily Archives: March 24, 2015

Wind is back!

During my watch last night rollers started coming across our beam, then a breeze started, not much but enough to push the boat forward. Then followed hours and hours of confused seas and wind spinning around the compass so that the autopilot had trouble keeping us on course and nothing we did with the jib could settle the boat down. We bounced, we rolled, we corkscrewed, all in about 6 kts of breeze. 

By morning the wind finally picked a direction and stuck with it and Jack had the boat moving more or less on course but as soon as I came up on watch a rain squall overtook us and we took shelter inside from the downpour. The wind only reached the 20s for a moment and was mostly 15 kts and it was over in ten minutes. I was happy to have the salt washed off the decks because today was another predicted becalmed day and I was planning to hook up the hose and rinse the decks myself. No need now and we’d rather be underway. The sun is up, the wind is still very light, Jack needs some sleep and I’ll take over as soon as we get the email out. Meanwhile the Guatemalan coffee hits the spot.


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