Daily Archives: April 15, 2015

Read it and weep (with us)

For the sailors reading, we offer this explanation of why we can’t get this 18 ton boat moving in the right direction. This is pretty much the picture of our wind for the past few weeks, although the direction changes, sometimes by the minute. Of course this doesn’t tell the whole story because we’ve also had constant contrary currents to contend with and a nasty seastate. 

We left El Salvador with a clean bottom and a good plan for crossing the Intertropical Convergence Zone but the zone undulates like the Gulfstream and we could not get clear of it. Luckily, today we have wind and it’s even in a good direction and we are finally moving away from the doldrums and toward our destination. Thanks to everyone for whistling, praying, untying knots, doing the hokey pokey and whatever else you’ve done to call up the wind gods and get us moving.


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