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The view from the back porch


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A little altitude adjustment

When Ken and Julie on Kia Ora invited me along on a hike up Mt. Pahonu, the southern most mountain of Bora Bora, I jumped at the chance. We sailors live our lives at sea level but as you Escapees know, whenever I get the chance to elevate myself, I do. It’s amazing how much a little altitude adjustment changes your perspective and I think it’s safe to say you’ll almost always find me near a view.

As with any adventure when you live on a boat, it starts with a trip in a dinghy. This one would be a few miles all the way down Viatape bay, straight into a stiff southerly breeze and chop. With three adults onboard, CatNip doesn’t like to get up on plane so it would be a long wet slog to Bloody Mary’s dock where we were assured a nearby “road” would take us up to a promontory lookout. After getting the dinks squared away it soon became obvious that “the road you can’t miss” is easily missed and it would take a few Gallic shrugs and “voilas” before we stumbled onto it. Is it just me or do you have trouble keeping a straight face after some Frenchman, in all seriousness, says ooh la la la? I mean, I can’t help but snicker. Probably too many cartoons in my misspent youth. 

So where was I? Oh yeah, a cute little old Polynesian woman in a Mother Hubbard mimed that the road we were looking for was right over there and we couldn’t miss it. Ooh la la la! Apparently all cruisers are looking for this road.  

 Up we climbed on sea-wobbley legs and lungs. Several stops for water, gasping, and switchbacks brought us to a clearing and a million dollar view of the southern end of Bora Bora’s lagoon.     
We tried an even steeper climb down which ended in a charming little village to wander through on the coastal road.  

I’m not used to going on adventures without my sidekick but while Marce recuperates these photos will have to do.  



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