Not for nothing

Not for nothing but you can tell your friends that you know the bona fide genius of the Jabsco Electric Quiet Flush Toilet, model 37045. Put another way, you could say that I’m the wizard of wizzing, the professor of plop, the sultan of…well I think you’ve got the picture.

Dear Escapees, this is where yr. Humbl. Skpr. mumbles that often-heard refrain aboard Escape Velocity, “it’s been warning me for quite soon time now” but you know that brownish liquid leaking out from under the head could be anything and, call me crazy, I don’t like getting knee deep in toilets. I’ve stared at the exploded parts diagram for model 37045 so long that it’s seared into my memory and as I regretfully told the long suffering Marce, they simply don’t have tiny toilet seals and o-rings for electric toilets in the South Pacific. Besides, while pointing at the tiny dot on the diagram labeled #19, the likely culprit is at the bitter end of a long chain of fiddly bits requiring the complete disassembly of the the entire effing toilet. So? So it was relegated to the New Zealand list.

Oh yes sir, we can get the parts, the overly cheerful “sales associate” chirped. They’re awfully cheerful here in New Zealand. I don’t know about you but when Yours Truly is cornered I smile and except my fate with as much grace as I can muster. Fifty five NZ dollars later I had the first of many small plastic bags with three tiny fiddly bits contained within. Now I know why they’re so cheerful. With a resigned smile I told M. tomorrow is toilet day. 

What you don’t know that you don’t know is what bites you in the ass. I don’t know, did I get that right? 

Immediately I found plastic bits where there shouldn’t have been plastic bits and the usual expected stuck and buggered-up screws, lost washers and nuts, but even worse, everything inside was covered with silicone sealant, a trick I confess that yours truly has resorted to on occasion. I have the feeling that someone has been here before me and was desperate to stop the leaks. As I worked my way through the Jabsco Quiet Flush Electric Toilet it became obvious that the butcher’s bill for broken or ad hoc repairs was growing exponentially to the point that “Mr. Cheerful”suggested the purchase of an entirely new Jabsco Quiet Flush Electric Toilet. No, I’ve got this…just one more parts kit.

Slow to start, once started I’ll see the thing through to the end. After full assembly of the parts, a grinding holy howl emanated from somewhere deep inside the soon to be re-disassembled toilet. Who knew that something called a “slinger” came with several stuck together? Not me. Unfortunately the “slinger” is the last fiddly bit in the long chain of fiddly bits that can be disassembled on the Jabsco Quiet Flush Electric Toilet, model 37045. Fixed. 

No leaks, no squeals, just your business out the hose.



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2 Responses to Not for nothing

  1. My Name Here

    You are number one at number two!

  2. Diana and Alex

    Oh Jack, who would have thought? And where was Marce in all this….back playing up? Hey, well done buddy. Alex has just fixed our on-shore washing machine like the true-blue Mr Fixit he is. Yahoo! All that training at anchor will set you right when you have to come ashore, promise.

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