Exploring Whangarei

I love this town. I love any town, really, but New Zealand towns are wonderful, and this one is especially nice. There are bookstores and cafes on nearly every block, marine chandleries, auto parts shops and DIY stores, big groceries and health food stores. We’ve been able to get things we’ve only dreamed about since our trip back to the states over a year ago. There are beautiful walking paths and bike trails and lots of places to go and things to do inbetween boat projects.  




My favorite store is an eclectic jumble of what-have-you called Arthur’s Emporium, a mind-boggling array that can leave you feeling exhausted or exhilarated depending on whether or not you found that elusive item you didn’t know you needed at a bargain price. Silicone egg rings at $2 for two? I definitely need those.  


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  1. Liz

    And it looks warm and sunny! No big mountains of snow out your front window like here in Virginia this week. Enjoy!

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