Local diversions

While we’re doing boat projects we can’t do much long distance New Zealand touring but we’re at least trying to take advantage of events around town. Last week there was an arts festival featuring local craftsmen and performers. After a morning of boat work we packed up our picnic blanket and walked up to the park behind the library hosting the event. 

Back in our Pittsburgh days we lived two blocks from an arts center and took advantage of the various events and classes held there, so this was a familiar scene. For once the weather cooperated and we got through a couple of hours with no rain. It’s always great to hear live music and I succumbed to the allure of swamp kauri and bought a small ring box from a local woodworker.    



 When we got back to the marina a brass band was playing right on the waterfront in the gazebo. Check out that percussionist. They were good, and as far as we could tell they ranged in age from teens to 80s.

Cruisers who went back home for the holidays are coming back, and boats that stayed here are making their way up to Whangarei for access to chandleries and mechanics and such. For the first time in a while we had a cruiser gathering and a good catchup with friends we’ve made during the long Pacific crossing season. It’s good to be with our peeps again.  


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