I have my standards 

Moving day found us sailing through the same reef-infested waters we saw from the top of Viti Rock. Armed with photos from outer space and our very sketchy charts, we picked our way around and through the worst of them even while under sail, but in the wind shadow behind Viti Levu, the “big island” or as Fijians call it “the mainland,” the breeze died completely. Leaving a cosmetic jib up we motored south right past Mana Island where we’ve heard the current iteration of Survivor is being shot. Jeff Probst not in evidence.

 Passing this completely uncharted sand island that Rehua explored, you enter the inside passage through Lana Reef which protects Malolo Island and where you find the legendary cruiser friendly Musket Cove Yacht Club.

We aren’t used to the activity, the buzz, the people. They even have a store where you can go in and buy things like BBQ chips and ice cream.

 The cruiser tiki bar has a happy hour…well it’s not really happy but as long as it’s not full price count me in. I have my standards.

While waiting for a weather window to Vanuatu maybe hanging out at a resort isn’t so bad.

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  1. Deb

    Looks like a great place for a belated birthday celebration

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