It’s a mystery 

It’s come to Yr. Hmbl. Skpr.’s attention that it’s been awhile since the crew enjoyed a team building exercise and it wouldn’t it be better off the boat? Escape Velocity was wobbling a bit with this unusual north west swell. What better way to build team pride and efficiency than to have a spot of kayak paddling across the pass to explore Mystery Island. Yours Truly was disabused of that notion tout de suite and in very firm language caught the mood of crew who announced that our conveyance would be via motorized inflatable RIB. Ah, we have one of those, warming to the idea immediately. We launched Cat Nip and approached the massive shiny-pants aluminum pier. The concept was to check out all of the preparations the Islanders would undoubtedly be making to ensure maximum profit from the cruise ship that would show up tomorrow. 

The cruise ship showed up early and suddenly the island came alive with music and dancing and souvenirs and pale determined vacationers soaking up what little sun showed up that day. Just as suddenly the ship bolted at sun down and disappeared like they stole something.

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