Recovery Day

We had every intention of packing in some tourist sites while we were in Melbourne, you know, museums and stuff, but after a long day and late night at the AusOpen, we slept in later than usual and spent the day instead repeating the enjoyable amble through the laneways that we did last year with Alex and Diana. We did a little big-city shopping and bought a new pair of sports and bird-watching binoculars to replace our beloved Leicas that succumbed to the marine environment, and I bought a decorative pillow cover that spoke to me last time we were here but that I refrained from buying because my default position is Self-Denying Tightwad. Aw, loosen up, I told myself. We’re on vacation. (I’ll pay for this later. Literally.)

It’s been years since we’ve been in a place where we can follow our favorite sports on TV, let alone live, so we were just as happy to spend the day walking around then retiring to our room in the evening with takeout food and watching whole tennis matches on TV in air-conditioned comfort. It may not seem like a vacation to most of you, but for cruising boat dwellers, it’s heaven.

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  1. Watching the AO live or on TV sounds wonderful to me! I miss playing and watching tennis. Sounds like you had an excellent time. No picture of that new pillow cover? Must be special if you bought it. 😉

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