Magnetic hobble

Despite my aching ankle and Jack’s wobbly knee we undertook the hike up the Fort trail on Magnetic Island. It wasn’t a tough hike until the uneven steps at the top, and oh, what glorious views! It’s funny how those of us who live at sea level crave the high aspects once we reach land with any altitude.

The fort was built in 1942 to protect against attack from the Tasman Sea. Most of it’s gone now except for vague ruins of various buildings and the gun emplacements, missing the guns. It’s a lovely forest, and there are supposedly koalas in the eucalyptus trees. We didn’t see any that day.

It was great to stretch our legs a bit but we’re continuing our push north despite the uncooperative wind. Cairns awaits.

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  1. nancy smith

    like the shirt and jacket combination Jack!

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