In which we lose our barnacles

A few more days of frustration brought us to Fitzroy Island, another lovely anchorage and within striking distance of Cairns, a major goal for big provisioning and some critical boat work.

The island is a convenient spot for both day trippers from Cairns and holiday makers from all over so there was an interesting variety of boats in the anchorage, including this gorgeous schooner. It was full of young boys and we assumed some kind of school or Outward Bound group. When the boat was settled and secured the boys took turns jumping off the bow with much hooting and hollering.

Another anchor neighbor noticed our American flag and dinghied over to say hello. It turns out he’s a diver and we jumped on the chance to hire him to scrape EV’s bottom. He declined the hire and insisted he’d do it for free but we pressed some cash into his hand, as well as a loaf of fresh banana bread and a small gift for his wife. Jack hates cleaning the bottom and to keep the peace I’m always happy to pay someone to do it.

We didn’t linger at Fitzroy and never even went ashore. We have much to do in the coming month and we’re eager to tie up at Cairns and get to work.


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2 Responses to In which we lose our barnacles

  1. Pat Tilson

    Wait, what? You can actually hire someone? I usually just run aground monthly to get the barnacles off. I’m definitely going to look into this…

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