Happy holidays!

The view from the back porch on Christmas Eve, Rebak Island Marina, Langkawi, Malaysia.


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7 Responses to Happy holidays!

  1. Always great to see where you are and live vicariously through your travels (though we do figure there is adventure in our future again).

    Curious, though – what does Christmas feel like when you’re Jewish and in a predominantly Muslim country? That’s not something we’ve experienced yet.

  2. Peg Becksvoort

    So glad to hear from you! Happy holidays and love always.

  3. Bob

    Hi Marce, back in 1968-1969 Langkawi was part of the area for which I was responsible in the Malaria Eradication Program. It was less developed back then. Rohani went to elementary school in Kuah, Langkawi.

  4. Wm David Balfour Cynthia Balfour

    Merry Christmas and glad to see your post. tsunami was a scarey news peice.

  5. Marylyn Grossman

    My sweet Jack and Marce. Wish you were home for a day. Miss your sticky bun delivery and sharing my Christmas fruit salad. Wish you both a Merry, Merry Christmas. Love Jeff and Mar

  6. Beautiful shot!!! Merry Christmas and continue to be safe

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