Up and down, around and around

After a day in a crush of tourists we were keen for some quiet time, and we followed the coastline looking for a small harbor or disused pier. The rain had swelled the waterways, large and small, and we followed this stream to the shore.

Despite the volume of water rushing to the sea it was low tide and the few boats in the harbor rested on their keels.

The cozy little town of Spiddal lured us with charming traditional buildings and a pretty little library.

As usual, the propane ran out in the middle of making coffee and while it was raining. After many years of swapping propane tanks Jack’s become a speed demon at the tank changeover.

Spiddal lured me for another reason, a labyrinth. My sister introduced me to labyrinth walking back on Block Island, Rhode Island, and I’ve been keeping my eyes out for others ever since. When I spied this one on the map a few months ago I marked it and hoped our route would take us close enough for a stop.

While Jack napped I slowly walked the small labyrinth and appreciated the changing views from the churchyard and out to the sea.

The pathways were narrow, little more than a foot’s width, and just following the twists and turns amounted to a meditation in itself.

My focus alternated between the closeup and the long shot, and for the twenty minutes or so that I walked I felt at peace.

I think if we ever find ourselves living in a house with a garden I might build a labyrinth. Pretty to look at, and a beautiful way to meditate.

This labyrinth is nearly hidden behind a church and next to the graveyard. I think the setting epitomizes the Irish landscape: a church, a garden, and the sea.


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  1. suzycap4d554d556e

    Thank You E.V. Ireland Travelers

  2. So glad to see your posts again and that you continue to seek out amazing places. Keep it up. Reading them every day as we travel down the ICW. Charleston SC in a few hours today. It’s starting to get cold up here and we are working towards FL! All the best!

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