Oh no, we can’t sit down…

Things are getting desperate. Two days ago we sold our dining room table and chairs so we set up a folding table and folding chairs. This morning we sold the folding table and chairs. In a few minutes people are coming to pick up our two sofas and our bed frame. We’re left with two bar stools and a futon on the floor, which is funny because when I met Jack I was sleeping on a futon on the floor. He insisted we get a bed and for the last 21 years he’s boasted, “I got you up off the floor!”

And here we are, back on the floor for a few days, and with nowhere to sit and a dwindling number of lamps. Still, there’s an awful lot of flotsam about and much more to do. We’ll get there. We have to.

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  1. carole

    Toddyzapper here! Thanks for the memorable moniker ~ cool!

    So glad to hear you are moving along with the move even if it means no furniture and returning to an earlier iteration of your relationship with “bed” and “table”. I guess that is all part of the journey ~ the contracting to allow for the expansion. I have a fond memory of being in the same situation years ago when Don and I left Shiprock. Not only did we sleep on the floor, but the last evening we had a living room full of Navajo friends ~ sitting against the walls ~ to bid us a silent and brave goodbye.

    If we are living rather than existing, this undulating nature of our journey continues as does the excitement despite the bone weariness. You two are indeed living…… keep it up.

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